This site is intended to highlight the services offered in eradicating the injustices between banks and their business customers designed with a view to increasing bank profitability.

These generally relate to over charging in respect of interest and service charges and these injustices have come about as a result of :-

  1. Downsizing i.e. reducing staff numbers,
  2. Placing, therefore, much too much reliance on computer generated interventions and
  3. Generally dispensing with ‘traditional good banking principles and practices’.

As all business directors/partners/staff are generally much too busy to check and analyse bank statements etc and it is no doubt the case that errors, some substantial in money terms, go un-noticed. Can you relate to this scenario? The banks clearly state that the onus of noticing such errors now clearly lies with the customer!!!

The first question to be answered is ‘Are you receiving ‘value for money’ in your banking relationship’?

Secondly ‘Do you have a meaningful relationship with your Business Manager’

and Thirdly ‘Is your arrangement with your bank in accordance with your documentation’?

Would you be aware if it wasn’t?

Over the years it has become evident that business customers, particularly smaller business customers, are being treated shoddily and in the majority of cases, in my experience, are readily accepting whatever exorbitant charges and interest rates are agreed for the sole purpose of increasing Relationship Manager’s customer portfolio profitability.

In most cases these arrangements bear no relationship to the underlying strength and value of the business.