Success Stories

Success Stories

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Major Pharmaceuticals Corporate Group
Full analysis of Group interest arrangements revealed credit accounts not being incorporated in the compensating interest arrangement. This resulted in a refund of some £165,000 and significant on-going savings with the correct arrangements being then processed!!

Hotel Group: Interest refunds of £3,900 + £15,000. Ongoing annual savings of around £5,000 encompassing interest and service charge reductions. This group maintained they had things ‘pretty tight’ with their Bank!!!

Beauty Therapist: Refund of £2,000—charges. Ongoing savings £300 p.m.- result of renegotiated terms.

Small Engineering Business: Ongoing annual savings-£2,000+ - Totally unrealistic borrowing rates revised when competitively tendered. Compensation of £800 received from previous bank.

Dairy: Refund of £1,000—Service Charge and 60% reduction thereafter!
1/2% reduction renegotiated on borrowing rate.

Large Retailer: Refund of £3,000 interest—Recent re-arranged borrowing not processed correctly!

Hotel: Refund of £1,500—BTL interest rate processed incorrectly. Annual savings of £800—Retailer Card Services.

Private School: As the result of a full tendering exercise annual savings of £4,000

These are only a few success stories. Invariably, by virtue of the comprehensive reports produced, the banks have little alternative but to accept the highlighted mistakes and renegotiate on-going terms.
From my perspective it is a ‘last resort’ to change banks but this can be necessary where it is evident that no meaningful relationship exists.

These are significant savings, most of which are on-going, and are better swelling your business coffers than the coffers of the banks!!!