Terms of Business

No gain - No pain!
What do you have to loose?

The initial analysis, covering a minimum 12 month period, costs nothing. i.e. If analysis produces no errors then there will be nothing to pay.

On conclusion, a full report is submitted to the client outlining specific errors/miscalculations and making specific recommendations.

If recommendations are accepted and matters proceed resulting in refunds/savings then Aarpee Business Services takes a share of these. In respect of on-going savings the Aarpee share is restricted to only 12 months!

The beauty of this arrangement effectively means no budget is required to pay for the service. The service pays for itself!

If, however, further audits/analysis are required the Terms of Business will be a negotiated price per hour.

To arrange a no obligation meeting, geography permitting, or to clarify any points please contact us using the information below.